Clearwater Spas

The Most Comfortable Spas in the World

Sculptured to Ergonomic Perfection
Clearwater Spas handcrafts every spa mold to fit your body type for maximum ergonomic comfort.  Every spa is designed to fit various heights and sizes to accommodate you, your family and friends.  Choose from different seating heights and lounge length configurations to make your spa hydrotherapy experience the ultimate in relaxation.


The ‘e’ in Clearwater’s E-Smart Technology symbol stands for efficiency, economic value, engineering, environmentand efficient recycling. These areas are where they pay special attention and focus the manufacturing mission on being responsible as a global citizen to our environment.

From the initial engineering design stage through  manufacturing, recycling and product usage, Clearwater Spas sets a high standard to keep their hot tubs environmentally sound.

Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) Insulation
Providing an R-20 value, the Weather Pro RTB Insulation harnesses all thermal gain from the pumps and heater inside the spa cabinet, while reflecting the colder outside air away from the spa cabinet – thus heating the spa shell and water. Tests have shown Clearwater Spas RTB Insulation to be 12% more energy efficient than foam filled spas.

Insulated Dura Floor
The weather-resistant, full-insulated Dura Floor provides the foundation to lift the spa off the cold ground to further insulate and protect the spa from moisture, bugs and other negative influences.

Insulated Hard Cover
Engineered tapered covers provide an R-18 value of insulation to trap heat within the spas and help save energy costs.

Energy Savings

Clearwater spas are among the most energy efficient in the world, using as little as 138 kWh per month or costing as low as $9.90 per month to operate.


Clearwater Spas takes pride in using 100% recycled ABS to fabricate our Dura Floors on all of their spas. They also recycle 100% of the wood, plastic and cardboard waste.

massage-jetsClearwater Spas jet therapy will give you the ultimate massage.
Soaking in a Clearwater Spa is truly the perfect therapy for your body. As carefully designed jets do their work, millions of air bubbles are injected into the warm water flow to caress your entire body. Jets are positioned and grouped into zones, and controls at your fingertips let you customize your experience without leaving the spa. It is easy to increase or decrease water flow to a particular jet zone or seat area, or to adjust individual jets for the perfect massage therapy. And no matter what kind of day you’ve had, you’ll appreciate it when all of the jets begin to work their magic.

Whisper Flow Technology

One of the quietest spas in the world.

Clearwater Spas makes some of the quietest spas in the world, thanks to Whisper Flow Technology, our exclusive water delivery system that quietly maximizes the flow of water from the pumps to the jets.

It all starts with a 56-frame high performance pump that delivers an incredible amount of water while running cooler and quieter than the smaller 48-frame pumps used by other manufacturers. Each pump is bolted to a specifically designed motor mount that reduces pump vibration and pump noise level. The water is then passed through to a manifold plumbing system that has no hard ninety-degree elbows or sharp turns. All plumbing lines are sized for the proper volume of water movement and corrosion-proof dacramented high tensile clips are applied to the corrugated pipe ends to ensure a leak-proof fitting. This design increases water delivery to the jets and lets water move freely while reducing noise.

This perfect water delivery system – with more efficient pumps, manifold plumbing and smart jet design – means that you will always have a fantastic hydrotherapy experience in your Clearwater Spa.

shellGreen and strong.
Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all of their spas are produced without fiberglass resin or any destructive agents. Their durable layered system of ABS backed acrylic combined with the environmentally friendly EcoSpray® process and metal supported footwell areas makes one of the strongest spa shells in the industry.

TSE-EcoSpray®, an environmentally friendly alternative
Developed specifically to provide a solution to the Styrene problem in the spa and bath industry. Here are some of the benefits of using EcoSpray®material process:

  • Eliminates Styrene, a hazardous air pollutant, from the manufacturing process
  • Eliminates Styrene odor
  • Eliminates potential limits on production due to environmental regulations
  • Eliminates glass roll out and potential voids in the shell system
  • Reduces shell weight
  • Adhesion outperforms polyester resin to reduce potential delamination
  • Reduces labor hours required for shell production
  • Supports lean manufacturing and increases production through faster cycle times\


Pillar Supports
PVC pillar supports won’t rot or let you down.
Clearwater Spas uses a PVC pillar support system which cannot rot, mold or otherwise breakdown like others that use wooden supports. Many other manufacturers fill the entire skirt interior with low density foam which can deteriorate and attract unwanted rodents to its warm and moist environment. Clearwater Spas PVC pillar support system combined with the RTB insulation and Dura Floor will give you a lifetime of structural support unmatched by any other.


ozone-systemWater Purity
Del Ozone T3
Genesis Salt Filtration
Polyester Filters
Water purity, quality and filtration

Clean, Pure Water – 100% Filtered
The exclusive Clearwater Spas Clear Water System was designed with this in mind, so your hydrotherapy sessions need not be cluttered with worries about water filtration. As you relax in the warm water, body oils and impurities are filtered out with the powerful pumps. Moving thousands of gallons of water per hour ensures that the water is 100% filtered several times a day. To make the system easy to maintain, the recyclable filters easily lift out for cleaning or replacement.

Salt System Water Purity
Purify water without all the maintenance. The optional Genesis Salt System is a natural water purification system that acts as your own maintenance crew 24/7. This NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified system allows you to create the exact amount of sanitizer needed to maintain crystal clear water without adding chlorine