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CalSpas Series

High Quality and Hot Tubs

CalSpas | Platinum SeriesCalSpas are comprised of distinct jet designs providing various massage options at each seating station. The Cal Spa is an ideal balance of function, practicality, and value — an enticing focal point in your Home Resort™. Standard features include Hydrotherapy and Relaxation. Platinum™ Plus is our flagship spa line. Platinum™ Plus Spas takes our spas to a new level of hydrotherapy. Each Platinum™ Plus Spa is designed by you for you. You decide the jet options for your personalized therapy sessions. Platinum™ Plus Spas are designed to meet your specific needs and target the muscles and/or joints. Improve your quality of life with a Platinum™ Plus Spa.

CalSpas | PlatinumCalSpas Platinum™ Series of hot tubs combine elite styling with premium features with the highest value in the industry. The Platinum™ Series hot tubs are comprised of 50 or more jets and accommodate six comforted seats.

CalSpas | EscapeCalSpas Escape Series is ideal for daily hydrotherapy indoors or outdoors and can turn any small space into a soothing escape for rejuvenation. The Escape Series being the best value hot tubs of its size is designed for your comfort. Enjoy reclining in the lounge seat or getting cozy in a contoured seat, lean back on pillow headrests and enjoy an invigorating massage experience. Models accommodate two to eight comforted seats and a reclined lounger in a compact package with a variety jets.

CalSpas | EscapeCalSpas Patio Plus Series is fun for the entire family. Contoured seats make the perfect conversation spot for two to six. Enjoy a private soak  taking advantage of the full-length lounger, which cradles the natural lines of the body, targeting key stress areas like the back and legs with hydrotherapy spa jets.

CalSpas | PatioBest of all CalSpas are fun for the entire family. Furthermore contoured seats make the perfect conversation spot as two to five soakers sit across from each other to reconnect. The Patio™ Series collection from Cal Spas combines classic design and cutting edge technology while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience. Patio Spas are convenient Plug-N-Play Spas which function from a standard 110V outlet. Plenty of options compliment any outdoor environment, style, and personal level of comfort.

CalSpas | Home ResortFurthermore CalSpas Patio Series features a shape that’s flattering to any backyard. These are perfect for smaller areas. All-around bench seating beckons friends and family for a quality time spent in the great outdoors. Opt for the  hydrotherapy jets that pamper you in complete comfort and therapeutic relief.