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Sequoia Spas offers a wide selection of entertainment including shuffle boards by Olhausen and Champion to Foosball from Tornado and Olhausen to table tennis from Cornilleau, and Air Hockey by Dynamo. Please drop by our showroom to see all of our games including our Stern Home Pinball Game.

Lumber Selection
Olhausen cures and processes its hardwood lumber to remain stable in any climate. Not only in a particular region such as the humid southeastern United States, but in the most arid climates, like the deserts of Saudi Arabia. We must do this because we are the largest pool table manufacturer in the world, shipping thousands of tables all over the globe each year.

To start we use the highest quality lumber available, "slower growth" trees, coming mostly from the northeastern United States rather than the "faster growth" trees usually found in the warmer climates. "Slower growth" means tighter growth rings for tighter wood grains and far less streaking and discoloration. It is also a much more dense and stable lumber, which is better for precise grain and color matching, the cutting and gluing process, as well as the milling, sanding and finishing that goes into making the best possible product for you.

Because of the immense volume of lumber we use, and our impeccable credit ratings, not only are we able to obtain the best lumber available, but also at the best prices, which allows us to pass the savings on to you.

We use several species of North American hardwoods, including Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. We also use some exotic imported hardwoods such as African Rosewood, Brazilian Cherry and Genuine Mahogany, but only the highest grade. Of course, buying the highest grades of lumber is only part of the process. Unless it is processed properly you will still end up with an inferior product. Olhausen's four generations of experience in this business ensures that this will not happen. This is just one of the reasons we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on our tables. The first step to "The Best in Billiards" is, as we said, to start with only the finest northeastern "slow growth" lumber. It is then dried to the optimum moisture content to allow for the best results in glue up, cutting, sanding and finishing. It is then grain matched to give the best combination of strength and beauty. The lumber is immediately sealed, keeping the moisture content consistent so there is no warping or cracking during the assembly and finishing process. We even ship every carved solid wood leg in its own plastic bag to minimize potential cracking.

In the early days our local lumber suppliers would grade their lumber from "construction" grade to "best available". There was no grading above that except for what was set aside for Olhausen. We knew this because our friends in the furniture business would tell us. The lumber companies also knew that Donny would not accept anything less. Today we buy lumber from the same mills that the "local" lumber companies bought from then and the same policy still applies. Always will.


Accufast Cushions

Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in billiard cushions for years. However, more and more billiard manufactures are following Olhausen's® lead and making cushions from 100% pure gum rubber. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate, consistent play-Accu-Fast. Of the five grades of rubber available, only the highest grade is good enough for Accu-Fast. This premium-quality rubber is processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments to increase accuracy and produce consistent play. To prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft state, Olhausen also uses special "anti-reversion" chemicals. And because of scientific advances in the curing of rubber, canvas control fabric is not needed with Accu-Fast cushions.

For optimum performance Accu-Fast cushions comply to a true K-66 face profile, which has been the standard of the industry for nearly a century. To help protect the environment, they comply with federal air-quality regulations. What's more, Accu-Fast cushions are made in the good ol' U.S.A. (It would be less expensive to import them, but Donny wasn't willing to sacrifice quality in the most important part of your table.) This is why Olhausen has the confidence to offer a Lifetime Warranty on its Accu-Fast cushions. That's right-a lifetime warranty. So the next time someone says, "All pure rubber cushions are the same," you can straighten them out, right?


"Accu-Fast Cushions were designed in the early 1990's... our business has tripled since then!" - Donny Olhausen, CEO


 Cornilleau Sport 500 Table Tennis Tables

 Cornilleau has designed, developed, and produced high-quality table tennis (ping pong) tables at their plant in France for more than 40 years.  State-of-the-art production methods, high quality materials, and a thorough quality control process result in the best tables on the market.  Cornilleau tables are produced using galvanized steel and other anti-corrosion materials to provide many years of play.  They are all backed by an excellent warranty with 10-years on the outdoor tops and 3-years on indoor tops and all table frames.  Additionally, all of the portable models are easy to fold, provide the playback feature, and include the patented DSI® safety system.  DSI® allows the table to be opened and closed quickly and safely with a single handle accessible from the playing-edge.  With 16 locking points, Cornilleau tables have the highest level of safety on the market.

 The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor features:

- 7mm resin laminate top provides a hard, dense playing surface

- Patented MATTOP® finish provides an anti-glare finish and proper ball adherence

- 2 1/4” structural galvanized steel frame to support the playing surface
- Ball and covered racket storage on each side of the table

- 6” double-wheel casters with notched tread for superior grip

- Permanent weather-resistant polyester net system with tension and height adjustment

- Retractable net that automatically folds in-between the tops for protection and to reduce storage space

- Sturdy leg design looks great and provides solid support for the table

– Corner protectors for added safety

- Wheel brakes to secure the table in play mode or storage mode

– Adjustable leg height to smooth out uneven surfaces

– Ball dispenser on each playing edge of the table

– Transport handle lets you easily pull and lift the table to avoid obstacles

– Available in blue or new slate colored playing surface

The table weighs 172 lbs and folds compactly for storage at 62” H x 74” W x 30” D

Elite Tornado Foosball

The Tornado Sport is the perfect table for both starters and the more experienced player. The height adjustment, durable construction and Mahogany Melamine finish allows for generations of enjoyment from the young, and young-at-heart.


                Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1” thick cabinet

                Height-adjustable legs with boot levelers

                SureGrip black plastic handles

                ¾” melamine playfield with Tornado logo

                Dual End Ball Returns

                U.S. built in Richland Hills, Texas

Grand Champion Limited Edition Shuffleboard

Champion Shuffleboard is proud to introduce the finest shuffleboard ever made. We have taken the beauty and quality of our Grand Champion model to the highest level and created the Grand Champion Limited Edition. This exceptional table offers the finest playfield made from solid Canadian maple. And it includes our famous "polymer" finish which never needs resurfacing. This is the same finish insisted upon by the pros for tournament play. The Grand Champion Limited Edition also utilizes the finest state-of-the-art electronics. With consistent high-quality craftsmanship and innovation, Champion remains the largest shuffleboard manufacturer in the world.