Outdoor Kitchens

Anatomy of an Outdoor Kitchen


1. 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame

For lasting integrity, steel studs and cross bracings create the structural foundation of your island.

2. Hardibacker Ceramic Tile Backer Board

Moisture-resistance and durability make Hardibacker ceramic tile backer board the perfect base to your create your island’s customized finish.

3. External Electrical Outlet

Convenient electric sockets allow you to hook up accessories like blenders, fans and lamps.

4. Stereo Systems

Complete the backyard or garden party with an outdoor-grade Sony stereo system blasting your personal mix from marine-grade 6-inch Sony speakers.

5. Base Finishes

Choose from a wide selection of Ameristone Stucco and Cal Stone styles to complement your Home Resort design.

6. Countertop Finishes

Finish your countertop with granite, porcelain tile or natural stone tile. Tile options include single and two-tone styles. The choice is yours!

7. Ventilation

Vents are standard-built into the base of every outdoor kitchen to allow heat and trapped gas to escape.

8. Base Designs

Outdoor kitchens finished in American Stucco can be accented by assorted tile designs-including trees, geometric patterns and sea life.

9. Solid Foot Rest

Footrests provide a convenient relief area during grill-side dining and entertaining.

10. Lighting

Nighttime dining and entertainment are illuminated by colorful LED lighting in your choice of color.

Optional Dropdown 20′ LCD

Watch your favorite movies or television programs on this integrated flat-panel TV. Nothing goes better with the big game than a barbecue with friends